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Make Your Own Trojan Horse Papercraft

The meaning behind the wooden horse design

The story of “the wooden horse” dates back to the 8th Century BC, about 500 years after the Trojan War took place.  For 10 years, the siege of the City of Troy was unsuccessful. The city walls were just too thick, too high and impenetrable. Attempts to enter the city by force was a long unsolved problem. Then a genius counterintuitive military strategy came to mind: Let the enemy open the city gates for us! The soldiers built a huge wooden horse (a symbol of Troy) as a goodbye gift and gave the impression that they have all returned home during the night, in defeat. (Little did the enemy know that there were elite warriors hiding inside the belly of the horse). The Trojans feeling victorious brought the present inside the city walls and celebrated until they were exhausted from all the wine and merriment.  Deep into the night, the elite warriors quietly climbed down from the horse’s belly and opened the gates of the city for their entire legion of soldiers (hiding in the distance) to enter and clinched the ultimate victory to end the war. In the pages that follow, the seven F.O.C.U.S.E.D. dice are your elite soldiers to help you with your unsolved problems, issues and challenges.


Make Your Own Trojan Horse Papercraft

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