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BBA Graduate and Marketing Executive, Fortune 100 company

It prompts me to think more, to rethink and redefine, to see and old problem from a new perspective. When we think this way, we can come up with more new ideas.

Executive Director, Listed Company

The philosophy and dice are powerful whenever I need to do any reflection. The more I use them, the more aware I am of the way I think, which helps me spot problems.

Senior Human Resource Manager, Government Department

It provides a systematic way and clear direction to guide my thinking in many different dimensions which are useful for managerial decision thinking processes.

Chief Executive Officer, Listed Company

I will definitely use it with my senior management team.

Professor, Leading Business School

This is an awesome teaching & learning tool. My class discussions are more thought-provoking and engaging.

4th Year PhD Student, North American Research University

I found this framework can also help me in my research program. It made me think more deeply about my phenomenon of interest. This is a powerful tool!

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